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Gulsy is a revolutionary, next generation digital platform, which is completely transforming the advertising industry by allowing businesses to advertise completely free, without spending or risking any money. Our monetized digital network also gives you the ability to obtain true passive income, without having anything to sell. The Gulsy platform is transforming the way businesses market their products and services to attract customers.

In any business, it has always been an entrepreneurial dream to spend advertising money only on buyers. Gulsy has now made this dream a reality. We also provide nearly unlimited space for all your content and personal support to achieve effective results in today's marketing environment. The reason why businesses love Gulsy is because they now have the ability and technology** to immediately respond to market challenges and opportunities. Gulsy's platform interconnects businesses with communities, promoting customer loyalty and retention, leading to authentic long-lasting relationships. This leads to business promotion and growth, think of it as digital word-of-mouth advertising.

** Simply download the App on your smart phone to get started.

One of the things that unites all of us, regardless of social status, race, age, education, etc. is that we are all consumers. Every single day we purchase and enjoy products and services that's why more and more people are using the Gulsy platform daily to save and make money.

As an approved Affiliate Partner, our monetized digital network gives you the ability to obtain true passive income, without having anything to sell. Gulsy is already fully operational and making money right now.

We recently engaged the Sheffield Marketing Group, an independent leader in the industry for over 20 years, who has worked with and helped develop several billion-dollar companies including Amway, Isagenix, Shaklee, and among others. They provided us with an independent analysis for projections and a worst-case scenario for our expansion model. We have included a summary of the analysis below.


Synopsis only, full spreadsheet available upon request

Over the last several years the consistent trend of successful IPOs (Initial Public Offering) and private start-ups were focused in the technology sector and specifically in Digital Platforms, such as: Uber, Lyft, Airbnb and others. The reasons for these trends are self-evident due to increased use of technology and an exponentially increasing reliance on technology in every part of our lives. It's obvious that the value of these platforms will only increase and become more and more of an everyday necessity.

Even the world's wealthiest people make poor financial decisions.

Here are some regrets of top investors:

"I had the chance to invest in Uber in the early days and I passed it up — twice. My friends, Travis and Garrett, started the company, and I still didn't invest! The ride-sharing company started as a side hustle and they hired someone else to run it, so I didn't think they were going to make it."

"Had I invested $25,000 in Uber, like I did with many other companies, the value would have reached $300 million a few years ago. I regret not investing in the company, but I'm also glad the market punched me in the face. I deserved it — and I'm even more driven now because of it. That's why I grab every opportunity I can."

— Gary Vaynerchuk,
founder and CEO of VaynerX
five-time New York Times bestselling author of "Crushing It!"

Mark Cuban also passed on investing in Uber early. Investors said Uber would never succeed outside of San Francisco, Los Angeles, and NYC. Now, they eat their words. Uber recently launched in Kenya, Africa and is in nearly 500 cities in over 75 countries. The investors didn't underestimate the idea, they underestimated the founders.

The same happened with Brian Chesky, co-founder of Airbnb. Chesky received seven rejection letters from seven prominent VCs when Airbnb tried to raise $150,000 in exchange for 10% of the company. Airbnb is valued at $30 billion at the time of this writing. That $150,000 investment would have been worth $3 billion today. Chesky even published the rejection letters as motivation for other founders.

Back to the reality of Gulsy.

It's not a concept anymore it is fully functional now! Today, Gulsy is more than a brilliant idea: it's a working, proven platform that's making money TODAY!

For example: Right now in Phoenix you can buy a bottle of wine or boutique brand name clothing with Gulsy Coins. You can rent a hotel room or get healthcare services in Playa de Carmen, Mexico. In Cabo San Lucas, you can use it at the best restaurants with Gulsy Member-Only deals.

We are rapidly expanding and seeking partners who are ready to join Gulsy and invest in our future together. Don't miss the opportunity this time.

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Snapshot of Current Gulsy Transactions

Gulsy believes in an "Everyone Wins" philosophy. Customers win by saving on their purchases, businesses win by free advertising and obtaining new loyal customers, and affiliate partners win residual income. It's a Win/Win/Win system. Remember, with Gulsy there is no sales pressure, simply share with your network and let the Gulsy Platform work for you!
Gulsy's Team

We are a team of committed, experienced entrepreneurs, who fully understand the reality and challenges of the tech-revolution. We are well prepared and positioned not only to meet these challenges but also to profit from them, while providing a positive social impact. We know where we're going and what we want.

If you believe you can do more than you're doing now, jump on board with us, we'll work together and profit together. You're in control of how far and how fast you want to grow with us.