"Live Smart and Share..."

- Why Become an Affiliate Partner

When you join Gulsy on an affiliate partner level, you get all the benefits of being a member and now you are able to monetize your everyday activities. How many times have you recommended a good restaurant or a good store to your friends and family? Have you ever been compensated for it?

We challenge Einstein's definition of insanity:


With us you'll do the same thing as you've been doing, but now you will have a different result, you'll get paid for it.

One of the things that unites all of us is that we are all consumers. Every single day we purchase and enjoy products and services that's why more and more people are using the Gulsy platform daily to save money and make money.

As an approved Affiliate Partner, our monetized digital network gives you the ability to obtain true passive income and receive commissions every time any member visits that business. Simply add the businesses you use the most to the platform, remember you're helping businesses prosper and it's completely free which means unlike other programs on the market you Don't Have to Sell Anything.

It's a win/win/win scenario you earn commission income, every time Gulsy members shop at the participating Business, businesses get additional customers, and customers get the exclusive discounts.

Additionally, you can distribute memberships to anyone interested and receive commissions every time they use the Gulsy Platform, turning your recommendations into true passive income. No products for you to buy and stock, no customer service, no bookkeeping, NO KIDDING!

If you believe you can do more than you're doing now, jump on board with us, we'll work together and profit together. You're in control of how far and how fast you want to grow with us.

- How it Works

7 Ways to Make Money with Gulsy Platform*

  1. Use Gulsy Platform to get members only discounts and save money.
  2. Collect Gulsy Coins by simply using the platform and use them to get products and services.
  3. Introduce any business to Gulsy and receive commissions from all Gulsy customers of that business.
  4. Introduce new members to Gulsy and receive commissions from all their usage of Gulsy Platform.
  5. Achieve the top 20% status of local affiliate-partners and qualify to exchange Gulsy Coins for dollars and qualify to receive leads for businesses who are looking for Gulsy.
  6. If you refer a business to buy a loyalty club package, you get 20% of the contract value plus you receive commission every time a member of the club uses Gulsy.
  7. Use Gulsy's productive 2-tier system to multiply your true passive income.*

*When the person you introduced to join Gulsy invites someone else to the platform or a new business, you get commissions from activity of that person or business also, 2-tiers system only, not an MLM.

- How to Become an Affiliate Partner

  1. Lifetime membership is a one-time payment of $100 dollars. Simply open the link below and follow step-by-step guidance.
  2. If you are already a Gulsy member, you can upgrade your membership to affiliate partner status for $80 by simply opening the link and following step-by-step guidance.
  3. If you are already a Gulsy member, reach out to the person who introduced you to Gulsy and ask about affiliate partnership upgrade for points program. Or earn 50 Gulsy Coins by using the platform and upgrade for 50 Gulsy Coins to Affiliate Partner status.

If you have any questions contact the person who introduced you to the system or call +14247449711