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Why Become a Member

  • When you join Gulsy, you join an exclusive community of people and businesses who have discovered a way to save money whenever they shop at their favorite businesses. Gulsy Members receive:
    • Exclusive discounts up to 75% OFF items you buy and use every day
    • Instant Time Limited Offers
    • Real Time Discount Alerts
    • Special Buys and Promotions
  • As an exclusive benefit to our members, every time you use the Gulsy System you're earning valuable Gulsy Coins. You can use the Gulsy Coins inside our system together with cash to buy products or services. Depending on the amount of Gulsy Coins earned monthly, you could qualify to Redeem your Gulsy Coins for dollars. See the pay plan in the Affiliate Partners section
  • One of the things that makes Gulsy unique is our ability to work with major businesses along with a special focus on local businesses in your area to discover the hidden gems we love.
  • As a Gulsy member you're able to shop with confidence by checking Verified Purchaser Reviews and Comments. Plus, because of our focus on local communities and personal relationships with businesses, our members can expect excellent quality and service.
  • Our proprietary security protocol prevents and protects against fraudulent attacks and hacks, keeping ALL your information secure.

How it Works

  1. Choose your preferred search parameter, by "Where" "Category" "Zip code" or "Name"
  2. When you arrive at the business location, simply tell them you're with Gulsy and a specific discount you'd like to use. When check is received write the number of clients and your Gulsy ID number on the check, snap a picture of the check and upload into the system to receive Gulsy Coins, simple as that.

How to Become a Member

  1. Lifetime membership is a one-time payment of only $20 dollars. Simply open the link below and follow step-by-step instructions.
  2. If someone introduced you to Gulsy, reach out to the person who introduced you to Gulsy and ask about membership for Gulsy Coins program.
  3. Introductory promotion, receive temporary 14-day membership through our corporate promotion. Within the 14-day promotional period use your membership at least two times and your Gulsy membership will automatically become permanent.